Dr Telly PappasWelcome To Distinctive Laser Dentistry

Dr. Telly Pappas has built Distinctive Laser Dentistry practice by providing exceptional care customized to the unique needs of each patient, and utilizing the latest technologies to maximize performance and comfort. Dr. Pappas is so skilled and so completely devoted to excellence that he handles every aspect of his practice, personally crafting each crown, bridge and dental enhancement, rarely sending anything to a lab, as general dentists characteristically do. He is experienced at dealing with dental issues for everyone from babies to baby boomers and even seniors, cleaning teeth, fixing tooth problems and producing confident smiles with care. With all of the change going on in your life, isn’t it nice to know you can trust one person with all of your family’s dental needs? Dr. Pappas is, admittedly, a perfectionist. He is devoted to doing things right and making patients feel comfortable–from initial consultation to dental chair to everyday lives.